crosses are ladders that lead to heaven

There are two strands to the proverb, punning on two meanings of cross: in one, cross signifies the crucifix; in the other, it means ‘trouble, misfortune’.

1616 T. DRAXE Adages 36 The Crosse is the ladder of heauen.

1670 J. RAY English Proverbs 6 Crosses are ladders that do lead to heaven.

1859 S. SMILES Self-Help xi. If there be real worth in the will give forth its finest fragrance when pressed. ‘Crosses’ says the old proverb, ‘are ladders that lead to heaven.’

1975 J. O’FAOLAIN Women in Wall iv. The cross, they say, is the ladder to heaven and so I have sent your lordship..two.

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